Our Vision'

Excellent Public Sector Service Provider in the Area

Our Mission

Providing the Productive and Sustainable Development through the creative and fullest participation of the staff    according to the public policies

History of Nintavur Divisional Secretariat 

Nintavur is situated in the coastal region of Ampara District and located at a distance of 8 km from the south of Kalmunai town. It is bounded on the North by Vettaru, on the South by Kaliodai River, on the east by Indian Ocean and the west by paddy fields adjoins to Sammanthurai region and an area of 40.031sqkm.

As an administrative region, it consists of 25 Grama Niladhary divisions and according to the recent census for the year 2010 / 2011, it is with the population of about 30,645. It is in the Pottuvil electorate and the Digamadulla electorate district. The gracious village of natural beautify beckons those who love the leisurely tempo of life. It is surrounded mostly by greenery paddy fields, residential, small industrial estates.

Agriculture is the main stay and occupation of this village. Apart from agriculture, people engaged in fishing and small industries as their livelihood. Considerable amount of government sector employees also available in this village and contribute to their best to the overall development of this village.

It has several public sector institutions and as well as private institutions such as Divisional Secretariat, Pradeshiya Sabha, District Hospital, District Ayurvedic Hospital, Mother & Child Care Centre, Divisional Educational Office, Schools, Arabic College, Agrarian Service Centre, Public and Private Bank, Office of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Ceylon Electricity Board, Post Office, Telecommunication office and Co-operative Societies and so on there institutions bring name and fame to this gracious village.

In 1968 it was started as sub office of the Divisional Revenue Officer and temporarily functioned its duty at a private residence of the son of Vanniyar Atham Podiyar Seeni Mohamed. Later it was shifted to the Agrarian Service Centre building in 1978


Role performed at DRO / AGA /DS as follows:-

 SN  Name of Officer  Designation  Duration
   Mr. Bamparawana  DRO  1968 Started as DRO
   Mr. Ekkanayake  DRO  
  SK. Wickramarathna DRO  
  W.Gunaratna AGA 1978 Upgraded as AGA
  Mr. Kalith AGA  
  Mr. D. Hewagama AGA  
  Mr. AMM. Sheriff AGA  
  Mr. AL. Ibralebbe DS DS 1991 Upgraded as DS
  Mr. ILM. Haniffa DS  
  Mr. SLM. Hassim DS  
  Mr.l ILM. Haniffa DS  
  Mrs. RU. Abdul Jaleel DS  
  Mr. TM. Anzar DS Since 2018  to 2019-01-01
  Mr. A.M. Abdul Latheef DS 2019-01-02 Upto Now

News & Events

பிரியாவிடை நிகழ்வும் சேவைநலன் பாராட்டு விழாவும்

பிரியாவிடை நிகழ்வும் சேவைநலன் பாராட்டு விழாவும்

பிரியாவிடை நிகழ்வும் சேவைநலன் பாராட்டு விழாவும் நிந்தவூர் பிரதேச...

இரத்த தான முகாம்

இரத்த தான முகாம்

நிந்தவூர் பிரதேச செயலகத்தினால் ஏற்பாடு செய்யப்பட்டு இன்று (2019.04.17)...

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